About Us

Asian Appraisal Company, Inc. (“AACI” or “Asian Appraisal”) has been a catalyst of the development of the Philippine economy for 53 years now.  A pioneer in property appraisal not only in the Philippines but also throughout the Asia-Pacific Region, AACI was founded in July 10, 1961 by American Appraisal Company, Inc. (the largest and oldest appraisal company in the United States) together with reputable Filipino bankers and businessmen, namely:  Albino Sycip, Sixto K. Roxas, Ma. Jose B. Fernandez, Cesar de Zulueta, Jose D. Caluag, and Arthur J. Chanin.

Asian Appraisal is accredited with the Securities and Exchange Commission and Philippine Stock Exchange, Inc., a Platinum Member of PhilGEPS, an Honorary Member of the Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands (Diamond Category), and is among the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas List of Pre-Selected Appraisal Companies. We are also an accredited appraisal service provider by various banks and most Top 5000 companies in the country.


Our Services

From its core real estate and fixed asset valuation services, AACI has become a fully-diversified professional appraisal company catering to both private and government institutions spanning across all the industries.   

Our array of valuation services consist of:

          Real asset appraisal

          Plant, machinery and equipment

          Business valuation

          Intangible assets valuation

          Consultancy services

          Auxiliary services 


Contact us

We shall be glad to serve your valuation needs be it for insurance, financial reporting or accounting, financing or loan, dissolution, expropriation, legal partition, sale or purchase, listing with the exchange, or compliance with regulatory agencies purposes.

Trust us to serve your valuation needs from the basic to the most complex, for inquiries:

§ For utilities (electricity, gas and water), wholesale and retail, finance-related services, government institutions, manufacturing (food and chemicals), and other services:

§  DL:  (63 2) 403-6811 | (63 2) 403-6822
§  TL:  (63 2) 403-6892 to 93 locals 122/120

§  For real estate and construction, mining, transportation, and manufacturing (non-food):

§  DL:  (63 2) 403-6821 | (63 2) 403-6812
§  TL:  (63 2) 403-6892 to 93 locals 123 and 121

For individuals:

§  TL: (63 2) 403-6892 to 93

Trunk Lines:  (63 2) 403-6892 to 93
Fax Nos. (63 2) 403-6309 to 10
E-mail:  mail@asianappraisal.com.ph






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